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Join us for an online barre class and follow along with real people of all ages, experience and fitness levels.

Bring the experts at CarmelBarre to the comfort of your living room, hotel or anywhere else you have an Internet connection. Multiple classes are added weekly to keep it fresh and challenging. 

Barre Basics

Barre is effective because it by challenges stabilizer and accessory muscles that don’t always get the attention they deserve. Small movements and light weights are all you’ll need to get a good workout and feel the burn! Classes begin with a quick warm up followed by sets of exercises that target all the major muscle groups, including arms, core, legs and seat! Check out our getting started videos¬†to learn more


Beginners Welcome

Barre offers a great workout regardless of your fitness level or physical limitations. All the moves can be easily modified for a restorative and strengthening workout that enhances all of your other activities. Whether you’re a new mom, training for a marathon or just trying to keep in shape, barre will get you where you want to go!

Anywhere, Anytime

CarmelBarre LIVE allows you to access your favorite classes from anywhere, anytime on any device. Whether you are travelling for work or vacation, you won’t miss a moment. Tune in for a LIVE class, or dive into the video archives to find the perfect routine while on the go!

The Videos

With your subscription, you’ll get unlimited LIVE classes and access to a huge library of archived videos. With multiple fresh classes and a variety of instructors, you’ll never get bored! We’ll motivate and inspire you with something new each time!


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